This is a more of an announcement, than a full post like the others, but in true blogger form, I wanted to explain a little further about this new and exciting venture!

As of 6pm today, I put up a photo on my Instagram (@liamxavier95) that I would be self-publishing a book late this year. Truth is I have been planning this for a long time now, working out the logistics of this, chasing down research over whether I wanted it to be traditionally published or self-published, and after much deliberation and trepidation, I have set my self-organised deadlines and dates, and now we are starting!

As terrifying as that is to say, I have also never felt so passionate about finishing this, about finishing it to an exceptional standard and bringing you all something that I can be proud of, and that I hope will be able to inspire readers to write as well, but also to appreciate their own strengths.

It will be an emotional and honest journey, and I will be placing all new and original poetry not before seen on my Instagram into this book and presenting it to the world. I feel very confident about this, and I hope all of you who have been loyal to me over the weeks/months/years of my own self-development will continue to do so and enjoy it, and any new readers will stick around just as long!

I truly cannot wait to share this with you all, and I will keep you updated at each stage so keep an eye on this blog, on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (@LiamXavier95)!

Peace x


Let me know what you think!

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