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Who am I?

As mentioned in the ‘Welcome’ post my name is Liam Xavier and I’m currently studying my MA in Playwriting at The University of Essex. Since I was little I’ve found some of the smallest things fascinating, and have turned these things into stories, that I either stored in my brain or wrote down. My main aim was to be an actor, I spent years dedicating my life to acting, and getting into that industry, which took the form of putting as much effort into theatre at school as possible and attending a theatre company outside. However as I grew older, these wishes expanded slightly, and I became interested in more than just the acting aspect of film and theatre. I wanted to find out more about the behind the scenes, I’d written stories for years, but I never knew what it meant to write professionally, or create a film to a good standard, hence why I came to Uni to study film. Now as an ambitious 23 year old, I’m focused on establishing myself as a writer/director and acting when I can, even if it’s simply small local theatre productions and seeing where that leads me. I started this blog 3 years ago now to show how my Uni journey would go, and as of last year (2015) I’ve changed it from Blogspot to WordPress, where I’m focusing on creating a more mature look. Somewhere where I can write my casual blogs or reviews, but can also showcase my portfolio and build an online presence for myself.

My writing is mainly split between creative fiction and entertainment/culture journalism. Much of my fiction – mainly poetry –  available online can be found on my Instagram (@LiamXavier95) and on this blog. My journalism has been split across different platforms in the past, once when I wrote for my Uni paper The Rabbit which is no longer running and as a result no longer has a website I can link you to! I also wrote for and ran a entertainment/lifestyle column for the online magazine The Hippo Collective, which while at least for now is no longer running, I can share a link to (https://www.thehippocollective.com/category/refocusing-the-lens/).

So welcome to my blog, settle in, follow if you’d like to, and comment and like if you enjoy a particular blog post.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. neptunethings says:

    This is awesome! I like your blog 🙂 Which university are you studying in?
    – Estelle (National University of Singapore)


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