Lights Up – A Poem

Okay so little introduction as always: Here’s a new poem I wrote today called Lights Up. I’ve tried to keep it broad enough so that it can be applied to more than one kind of ‘performance’, but it was written with theatre in mind. It basically speaks of the first performance and how it affects us positively, and how it feels to step out onto the stage and present yourself, even if it is in the role of someone else. Enjoy!

Lights Up

I had stood there ready to begin,

Trying to stabilise my mind,

As my hands and body shook frantically.


I could hear the chattering of curious spectators,

Waiting for us to walk out, for the lights to come up,

For me to stand there, and offer myself

Vulnerable and open to judgement.


I had peered through a gap in the curtain,

To see the shuffling of people into their seats.

The feeling inside me rose,

The nerves,

The infamous ‘butterflies’,

Not the pretty wildlife kind but,

The viscious, nawing parasites,

That tried to stop me from continuing.


They didn’t.


They never will.


I walked out, from out of the safety of the curtains,

The lights came up, and I stood there, ready to begin.

It was an experience more sensual than memorable,

I could feel my body, my mind, and its transformation,

I could feel the warmth of the audience,

Their love and their interest.



I did not know it then,

But as I took the stage

For the first time,

Wearing a mask of sorts,

That was the truest version of myself,

That I had shown the world.

For the mask I had worn before,

Was not one of courage and candour,

But of fear and deceit.

– Liam avier

Let me know what you think!

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