A Most Unnameable Thing | A Poem

(I seldom post poems on here these days, but I miss writing long-form poems that I don't feel fit my Instagram, so along with my reviews, I'm going to start posting more poems here so keep an eye out.) There is a name for this kind of feeling but it eludes my tongue. It is … Continue reading A Most Unnameable Thing | A Poem

‘At These Heights’ | A Spoken Word Poem

The top, I stand, Breath heavy, Legs weakened, Hands chaffed, But I do not wait, For the sores to pass,   This peak has me numb, As I witness the way The clouds meet The sun meet The horizon. The way in which one breath, From my cracked lips soars across, Inspecting the land, Leaving … Continue reading ‘At These Heights’ | A Spoken Word Poem

Silence – A Spoken Word Poem

I felt like I hadn't finished talking about the past few days. It's been such a horrific, and frightening few days, and the world had suffered loss without any justifiable reason. So I wanted to write a spoken word poem about the shootings, and about my opinion.   Let me know what you think. Updated: … Continue reading Silence – A Spoken Word Poem