Learning How to Get Up After The Fall Again

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that dark nights and tiredness, demotivation and loneliness are not infinite. We have been told it a thousand times, we read it in magazines, in inspirational quotes, and it sinks in for a brief moment before we forget it all over again. We wake up, struggle, find ourselves heavier … Continue reading Learning How to Get Up After The Fall Again

It’s Midnight and My Mind Is Awake

Okay, granted it's not midnight yet as I'm writing this, it's actually currently 7 minutes to BUT the sentiment is the same. Many nights I find myself awake staring at my laptop screen and killing time, too awake to sleep and too tired to do anything huge. That midnight madness where my mind decides it's … Continue reading It’s Midnight and My Mind Is Awake

Musical Obsessions #1 – Wiser EP – Madilyn Bailey

When I first started this blog, 3 years ago now, when it lived on a different website I had a series. The series was a collection of blog posts that told you guys my current musical obsessions. Today, I'd like to bring it back again. Music has saved my life on multiple occasions and I … Continue reading Musical Obsessions #1 – Wiser EP – Madilyn Bailey

The Middle Ground – A Poem

You never meant to hurt me, I’m sure, But it seemed as if our closeness would last. We lived and breathed our love But you never granted me the privilege Of believing, of knowing, That it was anything more Than friendship. Maybe we weren’t in love, But we weren’t content to be Much less than … Continue reading The Middle Ground – A Poem

Whatever happened, don’t forget it.

As I write this it is the 10th January 2016, and I haven't written any sort of blog post related to the new year yet! Awful, I know! What's more is amongst the book reviews, music reviews and general blog posts I've put up, I haven't written a proper lifestyle/advice post in 4 months! Shameful! … Continue reading Whatever happened, don’t forget it.