All That She Can See (Carrie Hope Fletcher) | Book Review

This will be the third book of Carrie Hope Fletchers that I am reviewing and while I'm a little late to the party on this one, I am beginning to adore her defined style of writing. Carrie seems to lead her novels with an interpretation of Magic Realism, which is a style we unfortunately rarely … Continue reading All That She Can See (Carrie Hope Fletcher) | Book Review

The Year I Met You – A Review

Last week I found myself binge-watching Carrie Hope Fletcher videos on YouTube, and I stumbled upon her video "Dear Tom+Gi| The One Where I Read A Lot of Books" which can be found here: In the video she mentions a book called 'The Year I Met You' by Cecelia Ahern which sounded rather interesting, so the … Continue reading The Year I Met You – A Review

John Green and Empowerment.

Having already spoken about a musician who has been an influence on my personal life (Hayley Williams) I wanted to now speak about one of my writing influences; John Green. Now, back in February I wrote an article on John Green and how his books are helping to empower the romance genre for my University … Continue reading John Green and Empowerment.