“To The Fools Who Dream”

Yesterday I experienced two quite life defining things for me: 1. I watched La La Land. 2. I intentionally went to the cinema to watch it alone. Now I'm left inspired, dreams reignited, life reinvigorated. Disclaimer: this post isn't, as such, soley a review of La La Land yet it may also include some sort-of-but-not-really spoilers and … Continue reading “To The Fools Who Dream”

Turning Vegetarian … 5 Months On

Almost 5 months ago now I decided to turn vegetarian. I didn't really know how long it would last, and I hadn't really made a plan for how I'd go about it, but morally and nutritionally I wanted to go through with it. I said then, in a post about weight loss (which you can … Continue reading Turning Vegetarian … 5 Months On

‘At These Heights’ | A Spoken Word Poem

The top, I stand, Breath heavy, Legs weakened, Hands chaffed, But I do not wait, For the sores to pass,   This peak has me numb, As I witness the way The clouds meet The sun meet The horizon. The way in which one breath, From my cracked lips soars across, Inspecting the land, Leaving … Continue reading ‘At These Heights’ | A Spoken Word Poem

Why You Should Stop Letting People Tell You That You NEED A Partner

So here's a subject that's come up in my life a lot and one I will always gladly have discussions with friends about. If you're like me, then the only relationship you've been in was a primary school romance that ended when I moved town. Like all 5 year old children end a relationship, it … Continue reading Why You Should Stop Letting People Tell You That You NEED A Partner

Always Keep Your ‘Firsts’ of Everything

This year I am turning 22 and finishing my Masters degree and it's got me thinking. With each year, and each stage of our life we succeed in starting our careers or our memories. Each time that happens there is always a physical 'first' of that: the first photo you take with your friends, the … Continue reading Always Keep Your ‘Firsts’ of Everything

These Features Of Mine…

Yesterday my good friend and flatmate Max Moore  (https://www.flickr.com/photos/138404630@N05/) took some new acting head-shots for me. Along with my current change of perspective on many-a-thing brought on seemingly by my entrance into my 20's last year, it got me thinking further about why it is I speak so frequently of my mixed race, and of my … Continue reading These Features Of Mine…

The Box by Badac Theatre | A Theatre Review

12 years ago I began my acting career in an amateur theatre company called MACYouth Theatre. Many years before that I encountered theatre for the first time. Two big moments in my life and in relation to theatre. 'The Box' and, for that matter, 'Badac Theatre' is yet another significant moment in my theatre experience. … Continue reading The Box by Badac Theatre | A Theatre Review

Black Lives Matter; The Pain of an Empty Vigil

Yesterday evening I attended a Black Lives Matter Vigil with a couple friends at the Uni. While it was not 'empty' in the sense that literally no-one was there, I am sticking with the title. In many situations I can understand why people do not attend some, shall we say, politically veered movements. Moreover people … Continue reading Black Lives Matter; The Pain of an Empty Vigil