Success, Idols and All That Jazz

Success is a funny thing. It comes with a whole host of problems, and discussions. It's also pretty difficult to talk about in what is effectively between 800-1000 words (my general word count). So imma go ahead and split this post up into titled sections, hopefully making it easier to delve into, and also digest … Continue reading Success, Idols and All That Jazz

“To The Fools Who Dream”

Yesterday I experienced two quite life defining things for me: 1. I watched La La Land. 2. I intentionally went to the cinema to watch it alone. Now I'm left inspired, dreams reignited, life reinvigorated. Disclaimer: this post isn't, as such, soley a review of La La Land yet it may also include some sort-of-but-not-really spoilers and … Continue reading “To The Fools Who Dream”

Health and Weight Loss; The Little Goals

While I have not yet reached my eventual goal in terms of my health and weight loss, I am at a point where I'd really like to talk about the subject and the importance of little goals. Like I said I haven't yet reached my eventual goal, which is in general to increase my nutritional … Continue reading Health and Weight Loss; The Little Goals