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Seeking To Understand; Creating To Survive.

The reason creativity and the arts are so important is that they lay the foundations for a personal support network and a fundamentally beautiful way of perceiving the world. Last night I wrote a poem (pictured below) about the reason I write, and the fact without doing so, I would struggle to emotionally survive as … Continue reading Seeking To Understand; Creating To Survive.

The Nerdwriter: Fighting To Keep Art Alive In A Sceptical World.

Depending what circles you find yourself in, you would not be judged believing Art was dead. You may spark a long form debate which might ultimately lead to a fruitless and frustrating conclusion, but you wouldn’t be totally wrong. Art has long been under threat from governments, from overt industrialists and ignorant oppositionists who fight … Continue reading The Nerdwriter: Fighting To Keep Art Alive In A Sceptical World.

Prisoners (2013) | A Film Review

Continuing on my film week ( only 2 film reviews Liam, chill out) we have Denis Villeneuve' 2013 Crime Thriller 'Prisoners'. Despite Prisoners being released 3 years ago now, it is one of those films that is never too old to rave about. Villeneuve brings together a flawless ensemble cast made up of Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh … Continue reading Prisoners (2013) | A Film Review

Don’t Breathe (2016) | A Film Review

The new horror film Don't Breathe from director Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead, Panic Attack) was the first film I'd seen in the cinema since Christmas. I was excited to again feel the experience of the cinema and the thrill of being frightened. Don't Breathe, while occasionally indulging maybe a little too much in the tropes … Continue reading Don’t Breathe (2016) | A Film Review

Straight Outta Oz – A Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1YEYOTUxcg Every so often there comes along something so extraordinary that hits me on such a personal level that I can't stop obsessing over it. Currently that's Todrick Hall's musical Straight Outta Oz. First of all, I want to say I can't connect to everything mentioned in the 57 minute musical film. I'm straight and … Continue reading Straight Outta Oz – A Review

New Sight Media – A New Filmmaking Venture

Hello all! Again another small post but a very exciting one!! Me and my friend Matthew Bayliss have made a Film Production Company and YouTube channel where we will regularly be posting updates about our filming adventures, and short films. We're a small independent company at the moment, but we hope to create quality content … Continue reading New Sight Media – A New Filmmaking Venture