Whatever happened, don’t forget it.

As I write this it is the 10th January 2016, and I haven't written any sort of blog post related to the new year yet! Awful, I know! What's more is amongst the book reviews, music reviews and general blog posts I've put up, I haven't written a proper lifestyle/advice post in 4 months! Shameful! … Continue reading Whatever happened, don’t forget it.

Every Day – A Book Review

I am wary of publishing a review¬†only 2 days after my previous one, for fear of seeming a little desperate to tell the word about the books I read but ... well ... actually that is the only reason. I picked up 'Every Day' by David Levithan with both excitement and trepidation. A book with … Continue reading Every Day – A Book Review

Keeping the Faith with Creative Projects

Creative subjects and careers have long been misunderstood and underrated; teaching arts in schools has constantly been under threat, and there's this weird, unfair view that often comes with it, that it's an 'easy' field. So, it's no surprise that working in a creative field, people¬†can often lose faith in what they're doing, and whether … Continue reading Keeping the Faith with Creative Projects