Interviews and Autobiographies: An Education

If you want to be an actor, actress, dancer, writer, poet, filmmaker, whatever it may be, then understand that some of your best forms of talent development and education will come as interviews and biographies. Where better to hear the best tips, than from the horses mouth itself?

Dissertation Dizzy; Trying To Find Balance.

The stress that comes with a dissertation, at whatever level (BA, MA, PHD) is just about as dreadful as my attempt at the tumblr-esque photo¬†that you are regretfully seeing as my featured image. Nevertheless, in both cases, we persevere. First of all I think it is important to inform you all that my day today … Continue reading Dissertation Dizzy; Trying To Find Balance.

Crash Course; Why You Should Strive To Learn Something New!

Currently in the midst of researching for my Playwriting MA dissertation, I'm looking into things I didn't know much about before. At the moment the core focus of my dissertation is Social Psychology and so I'm expanding my knowledge of that field. In doing so, I recently stumbled upon a YouTube channel I'd been trying … Continue reading Crash Course; Why You Should Strive To Learn Something New!

My Robin Williams Education…

Last week marked a year since the actor, comedian and all round wonder Robin Williams took his own life. Robin Williams was known for so many classics, and can't be pinned down to ever being renowned for just¬†one character but one of his most famous was in the Dead Poets Society. It was an absolutely … Continue reading My Robin Williams Education…