Legend (2015) | A Film Review

I have been meaning to get round to watching Legend ever since it came out, and now I finally have, so naturally here's a review. Brian Helgeland, the films director and writer, brings us a new piece of entertainment based around the Kray twins in the form of the 2015 film. While I cannot speak … Continue reading Legend (2015) | A Film Review

Prisoners (2013) | A Film Review

Continuing on my film week ( only 2 film reviews Liam, chill out) we have┬áDenis Villeneuve' 2013 Crime Thriller 'Prisoners'. Despite Prisoners being released 3 years ago now, it is one of those films that is never too old to rave about. Villeneuve brings together a flawless ensemble cast made up of Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh … Continue reading Prisoners (2013) | A Film Review