How To Be A ‘Creative’ And Deal With Mental Illness

When you're a creative type of person and you take the decision to pursue a career in one of the many creative sectors, especially those heavily public ones, many will agree that the chances of you suffering some form of mental illness are quite high. That is not to defer anyone from following their dreams, … Continue reading How To Be A ‘Creative’ And Deal With Mental Illness

It’s Midnight and My Mind Is Awake

Okay, granted it's not midnight yet as I'm writing this, it's actually currently 7 minutes to BUT the sentiment is the same. Many nights I find myself awake staring at my laptop screen and killing time, too awake to sleep and too tired to do anything huge. That midnight madness where my mind decides it's … Continue reading It’s Midnight and My Mind Is Awake

Knowing your creative style/identity.

I realised I hadn't written anything non review related in a while, and I've been thinking about this subject quite a lot recently, so here we are. The thing that defines many people in the creative industries, and helps to further their careers is their independent style, and ultimately what it is about them that … Continue reading Knowing your creative style/identity.

Keeping the Faith with Creative Projects

Creative subjects and careers have long been misunderstood and underrated; teaching arts in schools has constantly been under threat, and there's this weird, unfair view that often comes with it, that it's an 'easy' field. So, it's no surprise that working in a creative field, people┬ácan often lose faith in what they're doing, and whether … Continue reading Keeping the Faith with Creative Projects