Stop Being Afraid To Write What Happened | Writing Advice

Should we really write so personally? All these examples of poetry, novels, blogs and plays that are so heavily grounded in a real-life situation, should we really be so open? Absolutely! With a few important side-notes and a powerful fearlessness, being so honest and open not only heals us, but it has the potential to … Continue reading Stop Being Afraid To Write What Happened | Writing Advice

A Whisper In | Brighton

There is a beautiful quote from the formidable and undeniably troubled Jack Kerouac which goes "Maybe that's what life is... a wink of the eye and winking stars". It really resonates with me and is something that makes me think of a particular moment whenever I find myself travelling to new locations, unfamiliar to me. … Continue reading A Whisper In | Brighton

The Tale of Georgi Borislav Okhrana and The Martenitsa

He was born for this kind of duty. Yes, Georgi Okhrana had travelled over 2,000 miles to protect the security of his masters quarters. Life for him was defending his surroundings from any incoming threats, and he did so with the kind of loyalty and determination that would make any parent proud. Important as it … Continue reading The Tale of Georgi Borislav Okhrana and The Martenitsa

‘DESTINED’ | New Poem + Explanation

There is a reason we are here, although it all seems arbitrary some days, we all have a purpose, we all have a dream, and we are all capable of reaching it. Like a filmic epiphany I have finally reached a point where I am, without a doubt, certain that the only career I can … Continue reading ‘DESTINED’ | New Poem + Explanation

Silence – A Spoken Word Poem

I felt like I hadn't finished talking about the past few days. It's been such a horrific, and frightening few days, and the world had suffered loss without any justifiable reason. So I wanted to write a spoken word poem about the shootings, and about my opinion.   Let me know what you think. Updated: … Continue reading Silence – A Spoken Word Poem