Dream a little Dream – A Book Review

Seldom do I sit down to read a book and end up feeling like I'm having a highly descriptive catch up with my best friend, one that I never want to pause (to get off the bus and start work) let alone finish. Yet there is no better nor simpler summary of the connection I … Continue reading Dream a little Dream – A Book Review

Every Day – A Book Review

I am wary of publishing a review only 2 days after my previous one, for fear of seeming a little desperate to tell the word about the books I read but ... well ... actually that is the only reason. I picked up 'Every Day' by David Levithan with both excitement and trepidation. A book with … Continue reading Every Day – A Book Review

Precious Thing – A Book Review

There are often books that I struggle with from the very start, making me wary of the rest of the book. However with Precious Thing by Colette McBeth, although I did struggle with the start,the plot that presented itself was too strong to resist. Fortunately reading the rest of the book was a great decision, … Continue reading Precious Thing – A Book Review

The Year I Met You – A Review

Last week I found myself binge-watching Carrie Hope Fletcher videos on YouTube, and I stumbled upon her video "Dear Tom+Gi| The One Where I Read A Lot of Books" which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8BbmPOpQzw In the video she mentions a book called 'The Year I Met You' by Cecelia Ahern which sounded rather interesting, so the … Continue reading The Year I Met You – A Review

Keeping the Faith with Creative Projects

Creative subjects and careers have long been misunderstood and underrated; teaching arts in schools has constantly been under threat, and there's this weird, unfair view that often comes with it, that it's an 'easy' field. So, it's no surprise that working in a creative field, people can often lose faith in what they're doing, and whether … Continue reading Keeping the Faith with Creative Projects

John Green and Empowerment.

Having already spoken about a musician who has been an influence on my personal life (Hayley Williams) I wanted to now speak about one of my writing influences; John Green. Now, back in February I wrote an article on John Green and how his books are helping to empower the romance genre for my University … Continue reading John Green and Empowerment.