My Hope For Tomorrow – Ruby Dhal | A Book Review

  As I finished Ruby Dhal's latest poetry collection (My Hope For Tomorrow), I was on the Gatwick Express from Brighton to London Victoria. It was late at night and I had just been to see a friend's gig. Life was looking up and I had been reflecting quite regularly upon the changes that have … Continue reading My Hope For Tomorrow – Ruby Dhal | A Book Review

A Whisper In | Brighton

There is a beautiful quote from the formidable and undeniably troubled Jack Kerouac which goes "Maybe that's what life is... a wink of the eye and winking stars". It really resonates with me and is something that makes me think of a particular moment whenever I find myself travelling to new locations, unfamiliar to me. … Continue reading A Whisper In | Brighton

Hushed: The Race Conversation

Like the topics of Feminism and of politics, the subject of Race is still hushed away in conversation. To speak about the existence of Racism, structurally and institutionally and to attempt to voice personal anger towards the state of racial perceptions and prejudices, is to launch oneself into a barrage of bullshit. People, especially those … Continue reading Hushed: The Race Conversation

Head Stuck In A Book; A Timeline, A Lifeline.

PerhapsĀ is a defining word, it is an all-encompassing, sinful, innocent word. PerhapsĀ is, for me, at the heart of every good book, and at the heart of why my head has been, in one way or another, buried inside the pages of a book for the last 22 years or so. "Perhaps, when I grow older, … Continue reading Head Stuck In A Book; A Timeline, A Lifeline.

Always Keep Your ‘Firsts’ of Everything

This year I am turning 22 and finishing my Masters degree and it's got me thinking. With each year, and each stage of our life we succeed in starting our careers or our memories. Each time that happens there is always a physical 'first' of that: the first photo you take with your friends, the … Continue reading Always Keep Your ‘Firsts’ of Everything

On The Other Side (Carrie Hope Fletcher) – A Book Review

Last year, not too long after having finished reading her self-help book All I Know Now, I remember watching one of Carrie Hope Fletcher's videos announcing she was writing a fiction novel. I was both incredibly excited and curious. As ever the idea of a new book to read is a wonderful prospect, but at … Continue reading On The Other Side (Carrie Hope Fletcher) – A Book Review