How To Be Productive When You Feel Broken

There isn't, and most likely never will be, a straightforward answer to the question "How do I stop myself from falling apart?". One of the reasons for that is that, and I'm sorry about this, you shouldn't. That sounds contradictory to the purpose of this post, and possibly a little defeatist but fighting against falling … Continue reading How To Be Productive When You Feel Broken

These Features Of Mine…

Yesterday my good friend and flatmate Max Moore  ( took some new acting head-shots for me. Along with my current change of perspective on many-a-thing brought on seemingly by my entrance into my 20's last year, it got me thinking further about why it is I speak so frequently of my mixed race, and of my … Continue reading These Features Of Mine…

It’s Midnight and My Mind Is Awake

Okay, granted it's not midnight yet as I'm writing this, it's actually currently 7 minutes to BUT the sentiment is the same. Many nights I find myself awake staring at my laptop screen and killing time, too awake to sleep and too tired to do anything huge. That midnight madness where my mind decides it's … Continue reading It’s Midnight and My Mind Is Awake

A Letter To The Moon | A New Poem

The past few weeks have been a bit strange for me, sort of had a momentary mental breakdown and  was trying to piece myself back together. Now I'm feeling better I wanted to write something that represents a lot of the insomniac thoughts that often occur during my difficult moments. Enjoy. A Letter To The … Continue reading A Letter To The Moon | A New Poem

Lost in the Rush | New Poem + Discussion

Here's my newest poem and considering its such a brief one I also wanted to briefly talk about the subject it concerns. Lost in The Rush I would rather sit And admire the brief sun As it beetles in through the gaps, Than spend my time in the dark, Trying to get out faster, And … Continue reading Lost in the Rush | New Poem + Discussion