Hushed: The Race Conversation

Like the topics of Feminism and of politics, the subject of Race is still hushed away in conversation. To speak about the existence of Racism, structurally and institutionally and to attempt to voice personal anger towards the state of racial perceptions and prejudices, is to launch oneself into a barrage of bullshit. People, especially those … Continue reading Hushed: The Race Conversation

Saying Goodbye; Reflections on University

It is one thing to tell people I have graduated University, both from my Bachelors and my Master's degree, that in itself is a terrifying and incredible thing. However, when I sit and deconstruct the years, look over the photos, and understand just how much has happened over four years, that is an entirely different … Continue reading Saying Goodbye; Reflections on University

How To Stay Organised and Create A System.

In my last post How To Be Productive When You Feel Broken, I spoke about how to deal with being productive after the effects of a breakdown and panic attack. In this post I'm going to be going over some of my tips and own ways of staying organised and productive before a breakdown has time to occur. Staying … Continue reading How To Stay Organised and Create A System.

Success, Idols and All That Jazz

Success is a funny thing. It comes with a whole host of problems, and discussions. It's also pretty difficult to talk about in what is effectively between 800-1000 words (my general word count). So imma go ahead and split this post up into titled sections, hopefully making it easier to delve into, and also digest … Continue reading Success, Idols and All That Jazz

How To Be A ‘Creative’ And Deal With Mental Illness

When you're a creative type of person and you take the decision to pursue a career in one of the many creative sectors, especially those heavily public ones, many will agree that the chances of you suffering some form of mental illness are quite high. That is not to defer anyone from following their dreams, … Continue reading How To Be A ‘Creative’ And Deal With Mental Illness

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Seeking To Understand; Creating To Survive.

The reason creativity and the arts are so important is that they lay the foundations for a personal support network and a fundamentally beautiful way of perceiving the world. Last night I wrote a poem (pictured below) about the reason I write, and the fact without doing so, I would struggle to emotionally survive as … Continue reading Seeking To Understand; Creating To Survive.

“To The Fools Who Dream”

Yesterday I experienced two quite life defining things for me: 1. I watched La La Land. 2. I intentionally went to the cinema to watch it alone. Now I'm left inspired, dreams reignited, life reinvigorated. Disclaimer: this post isn't, as such, soley a review of La La Land yet it may also include some sort-of-but-not-really spoilers and … Continue reading “To The Fools Who Dream”

Always Keep Your ‘Firsts’ of Everything

This year I am turning 22 and finishing my Masters degree and it's got me thinking. With each year, and each stage of our life we succeed in starting our careers or our memories. Each time that happens there is always a physical 'first' of that: the first photo you take with your friends, the … Continue reading Always Keep Your ‘Firsts’ of Everything