Untangling Roots – Hannah Murray| A Book Review

Robert Frost once said, “A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness” which is quite possibly one of my favourite quotes about poetry.

Hannah Murray, a poet from the South of England, who posts poetry and photography on Instagram, and whose following is quickly growing, echoes Frost’s thoughts in the passion of her poetry.

Reading Untangling Roots, you get the sense of someone who is endearingly empathetic and fervently emotional at the plights of others. Covering subjects such as homelessness, war, feminism, gun legislation and more, she approaches what are incredibly important topics in the modern era with a vocabulary and sensitivity that some struggle to moderate. You can feel that, at her core, Hannah just wants to live in a better world with more equality, peace and freedom across races, religions and sexualities.

It is a difficult task in our current climate to approach politics or write about injustices in the world when older generations are accusing anyone who protests against issues as snowflakes, and yet Hannah still manages to tread a fine line. That fine line is something I had to discuss in my MA Dissertation on Mixed-Race experiences in the theatre and is a balance between creating for fellow allies, and creating so that the perpetrators and predators might change. One side might feel that a poem or piece of work is too calm and subtle, whereas the other might find it too bold and attacking. That is the fine line I talk about, and as I said, Hannah seems to merge enough symbolism, imagery and honesty that I think a multitude of readers could resonate with her.

Each poems stanzas weave in perfect narrative with each other, making it a powerful and enjoyable read. At just £6 it’s a worthwhile purchase, and Hannah has the talent to really make something of her name, and to make the change you can feel she strives for.

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