Interviews and Autobiographies: An Education

Education, especially for the creative arts, is essential and still widely underfunded, but these curricular forms of learning are just the start, the building blocks.

If you want to be an actor, actress, dancer, writer, poet, filmmaker, whatever it may be, then understand that some of your best forms of talent development and education will come as interviews and biographies. Where better to hear the best tips, than from the horses mouth itself?

People are fascinating. We’re all the same in many ways and then at the same time we are insanely different. We approach projects differently, we beat writers block differently, we attack self doubt differently. So the best way to understand how to cope with all these confusions, and the best way to understand where you stand is by stocking up on autobiographies and finding those all important interviews.

You get an insight into the minds of people who have fought, and bled and cried and given up and ultimately succeeded. They are both a destructive comparison, and a useful one – mainly that at the core you’re both human, and you’ve both struggled.

The difference between a creative and a successful creative is one that doesn’t give up. There are millions of incredible talented humans in the world, but ultimately and, speaking from experience, it is an exhausting battle. Self doubt , competition, complicated words about engagement and agents and publication and marketing, it’s all too much!

But guess what?

Almost everyone who has succeeded has struggled and had similar, if not, identical problems and some never overcome that. Mental health is no joke, look at some of the worlds most accomplished people, some have been taken by suicide, many have depression or anxiety. It is not always a glamourous life, and mental health is often put under the microscope within this journey because there are so many risks. BUT THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!

GOOD! THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL DO. But first, you gotta learn how to cope, you got to learn how to build tolerance to criticism, you have to learn how to love what you’re doing and know when to put it on pause, you have to learn that it does not always happen as quickly as you might think… Or wish.

Where can you find all this wisdom and glory, I wonder?

Oh yeah, interviews and Autobiographies. More than often this is the most vulnerable you will find someone, interviews are repetitive and autobiographies are carefully written, I know, but this is about them, this about what they’re doing and their life. LISTEN UP AND TaKE NOTES. You don’t have to follow what they do, but by hearing it all, not only can you be inspires, but you can establish what will work for YOU.




Let me know what you think!

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