A Handful of Stars – Ruby Dhal | A Book Review

When I was a young 10-year-old boy, learning about poetry for the first time in school, I was quite possibly one of the only people who actually enjoyed it. Sometimes I couldn’t understand what the poet was saying, or relate to the experiences written but what I loved so much was the feeling that came with it.

So 13 years on, now when poetry is making a larger comeback with popularity ever rising and changing in style, it is that feeling I still chase… Except now I can understand and relate.

Ruby Dhal, one of Instagram’s most, rightly so, beloved poets bleeds that feeling into everything she writes and A Handful of Stars is no exception. The highly anticipated follow up to her debut collection Memories Unwound’, A Handful of Stars is written from a more positive standpoint but still punches an incredibly fervent emotional punch. I sat on my bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon, playing Matt Corby and flicking through the pages intently and with great awe.

Aside from being a wonderful and emotive poet, from what I can tell of her so far, she is also a strong hearted and imaginative person and this undying identity really shines through in A Handful of Stars.

As if the stars cupped in a sole hand featured on the front cover were an analogy for trying to catch wishes off the back of shooting stars, or grasping at the burning embers of a fading feeling, the book keeps you thinking, and feeling, and more importantly, losing any semblance of shame at just how much you feel.

Feel how you feel.
Love, regardless
It screams.

Whatsmore is it is split into sections: Falling and Healing. Each section is prefaced with a stunningly eloquent and visceral piece of prose, placing you into the mindset of ‘Falling’ and of ‘Healing’ and then letting the shorter poems lead your heart on a journey through your past experiences and your future wishes. Her penned emotions are honest and pack a world of thoughts into just a few words.

One for the deep thinkers, and heavy souls out there, it is an encyclopedia on our daily lives and loves.

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