Why Stormzys ‘Blinded By Your Grace PT2’ is Such a Great Song.

Stormzy is a powerhouse artist thriving in the music industry right now. Someone that can be rightfully and deservedly referred to as an ‘Artist’. With his debut album Gang Signs and Prayer ( a review of which can be found here) he positioned himself as a real talent, unafraid to share his deepest feelings and even less afraid to experiment with his music and with the genre he was currently being labelled in.

Soon, people would attempt to call him a member of the ‘Grime’ community or solely a rapper, both of which would undermine the full extent of what his music expresses. GSAP saw a well balanced mix of Gospel, Grime, and at points even arguably poppy anthems. We’ve seen him feature for Little Mix, Ed Sheeran and more musicians that people seemed to slate him for because it was out of his genre, as if they had a preconceived restrictive idea of what he could do.

Simply put Stormzy does what the fuck he wants and features in whatever he fucking well wants. Thats control, thats power, thats everything a musician should do for themselves.

Blinded By Your Grace PT2, in particular is a subtle expression of this. It wildly appears to reject the grime tag, and for that matter rejects most tags. It is what it is, a slick combination of gospel, pop, grime, pop-rap, spoken word poetry, neo-soul, it is everything it wants to be.

Whatsmore is the content rejects any notion that someone should be afraid of their faith, beliefs, upbringing, loves etc. It openly expresses gratitude, with a palpable atmosphere of love, for his faith and the influence its had on his life. Its for him, as much as it is for the young community he sees growing up, its for the fans of grime and rap that are too timid to pair it with their love to their family and god. It is an addictive anthem as well as a passion project, without losing any integrity.

The recently released music video sees Stormzy surrounded by children, parents, families, friends, the future. We watch as they help perform the song, their adoration and happiness so utterly poignant, so endearing. We see peoples stories, we think of hardship and hardwork and so much love and dedication. So rarely do an artists beliefs, their song and its music video coincide so consistently.

So to answer this posts titular question. Blinded By Your Grace PT2 (and for that matter pt1) reminds us of everything that keeps us surviving in an otherwise harsh world. It soothes and inspires, and expresses the importance of your own personal faith whatever its manifestation. For example I do not personally believe in a God, but I still find it essential to have a faith, a spirituality that motivates you and which you keep strength in.

Its message at the end of the day: Be Proud, Be Loud, Be Modest and Love Endlessly.

Let me know what you think!

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