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Seeking To Understand; Creating To Survive.

The reason creativity and the arts are so important is that they lay the foundations for a personal support network and a fundamentally beautiful way of perceiving the world. Last night I wrote a poem (pictured below) about the reason I write, and the fact without doing so, I would struggle to emotionally survive as well:


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This applies to a huge variety of people, of which I will very generally and with care refer to as ‘Artists’. This doesn’t have to be cigar smoking, high class and perfectly formed human beings who create masterpieces of artistic elegance. In fact, often it is an image far less wholesome. Someone, often a little broken-hearted and open to sensitivity, seeks an escape or rather an alternate route within a journey that feels too difficult to continue.

They ask the world to provide them with answers to the questions they sit in their bed, every night, ignoring their apparent fatigue, pondering to the ceiling as if in its patterns holds the necessary wisdom. Or you have the being that may not feel as broken, but holds too many thoughts and opinions to keep hidden and lives for a platform of self-expression to help them find their purpose. This takes the form of all kinds of people: Future Vloggers, Writers, Musicians, Painters, Photographers, Filmmakers etc

One day these people, seeking the answers they’ve asked for for so long, will stumble upon an idea, or upon a friend that will inspire them to take the first step in their artistic journey. Sometimes this significance happens as early as they learn to speak. They find their expression in performing shows to family members using cardboard and crayons and nothing but imagination. Others sit on the edge of their seats, mouths open in awe watching pieces of theatre, film, TV and seeing their lives projected in front of them, confirming that their fears, loves and desire are shared. Many find pride and a great strength of passion in fighting the thoughts of people that condescend their art. Not through physicality or violent outbursts, but through the infinite continuation of doing what they love. Confirming to themselves, and to the people who do not believe in them, that regardless their art will not die, because if it were to die then one way or another so would they.

Art and creativity is an extension to the personality of a lot of people in this world. For these ‘Artists’, these creative personalities, their art and their work is as connected to their body as the limbs they are born with. From the moment they are born, these people will have a need, for many years they may not understand what it is, nor how to put it into words. This is why school, and the encouragement of the arts to children is so essential.

I feel very lucky, I was brought up, for the most part in a little country town that had so much beauty every time you looked around the corner. It was a hub of inspiration, and attending a performing arts centred school, and having councillors that emphasised the importance of creativity to my personal life was central to my happiness today. But patronising comments and condescension were and still are a frequent element in this life. For people that haven’t been taught the full validity of what they’re doing, as a way of life, as a career, it can be hard to not accept these comments. They can become your own thoughts, pushing aside your true desires because you have been told what you love is not feasible.


This world is built on creativity, on innovation. London would not bare the architecture and beauty that gives it such a fascinating and awe-inspiring atmosphere. Country towns would not see its shops and pubs lined with local drawings of it’s most familiarly stunning landmarks. Teenagers would not have a technologically astounding platform to which to turn to when it seems no one else is listening. I would not be able to share the things it hurts me to keep me inside.

We would not have the fundamental elements of this world we have come to take for granted if it were not for art and creativity. Truthfully if those people who do not believe in it, have their way and remove arts and creativity from the curriculum, this world could turn, even more, into something from a dystopian novel. I would say excuse the drama in that but that would conflict my point, so don’t excuse it, embrace it. Every time someone says the arts are silly, or every time you find yourself wondering if your beliefs and dreams are ridiculous, imagine a world without them. Imagine it and laugh, because without them it would not be a world worth living in.

Keep the arts and creativity alive.


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