‘At These Heights’ | A Spoken Word Poem

The top,

I stand,

Breath heavy,

Legs weakened,

Hands chaffed,

But I do not wait,

For the sores to pass,


This peak has me numb,

As I witness the way

The clouds meet

The sun meet

The horizon.

The way in which one breath,

From my cracked lips soars across,

Inspecting the land,

Leaving its invisible signature,

Like the footprints I have just left that will soon

Dry out, be replaced with others,

But I have not come

To show the earth it belongs to me

Because that is not true.


I have come so that I may give myself wholeheartedly

To the tidal wave that crashes down,

And hits the mind

At these heights.

I have climbed these rock faces,

I have made tears in the surface of my skin

From where I have rushed to reach the summit,

Clawing out of impatience,

Sweating at the prospect

Of being stuck, left alone in rocky limbo,

Between what lies beneath, what has been left behind

And what shines above, what is to become.


You see at these heights,

There is more to see

You stand,

Chest out

Head high

And feet firm to the ground.

You are here

You have made it.

It is as if the secret to the world

Can be found

At these heights

And you are here

And it is real.


Every speechless moment,

Where your mouth opens

Ready to comment

But nothing comes out

Because there are no words for this


I am here

I have made it


At these heights

The edges are brittle,

The fall, further, harder

And you must watch

Where you place your next step.

I am here

I have made it to these heights

But, for now, before my legs collapse

Under the adrenaline

I will sit for a while,

Enjoy the view

Because at these heights

You can climb higher if you wish

But this journey has been long and tough

And I am tired,

I am happy but I am tired.


So I will sit for a while

Enjoy the view

Because at these heights

It is nothing short of beautiful.

-Liam Xavier


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