‘DESTINED’ | New Poem + Explanation

There is a reason we are here, although it all seems arbitrary some days, we all have a purpose, we all have a dream, and we are all capable of reaching it. Like a filmic epiphany I have finally reached a point where I am, without a doubt, certain that the only career I can see myself in is a creative one. That I am here to be an actor/writer/director and that I will reach that goal, as long as I keep my drive, and … at this point … little can quell that drive. It is important to realise that, and keep it in ones mind so that they are always ready to ride the path they were destined for. I’ve decided to put pen to paper and immortalise it through ink and this digital medium; a constant reminder to me that there is little that can stop me, because that is just how humans are, and should be wired… to fulfill their dreams with vigour.


Listen carefully,

If, at this point, breath still

Seeps through my lungs

Blood still courses

Through my veins,

If my voice still has its sound,

And my head fills itself

With the fires of others

Both loving and spiteful

Then I promise you

No matter what

The dreams of this young man,

Will not stay in the dormancy of sleep,

But will live in the embers of reality

– Liam Xavier

Let me know what you think, and what your goals are!

Let me know what you think!

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