Do You Ever See Me? | A New Poem

Some things happen in this life, and sometimes they can be really bloody horrible. There can be events, or people and the things they do to you, mentally or otherwise that can cause so much trauma for an unimaginable amount of time. From then on there are few paths that come from that background, there are so many statistics for how people turn out after trauma but they’re not always right. It is possible to not be a product of your trauma, and when you feel free and disassociated from your trauma I think its important to appreciate that. This poem, probably one of my most personal and most individually important, is my appreciation.

Do You Ever See Me?

Often, when the rain falls hard enough
And reminds me of why I feared the dark,
Your name whistles into my mind,
And your face, your twisted mask, appears.
I am reminded of the torture, and the scars,
The reason I matured faster than was healthy
Of the misguided fears and tears for a person
Who did not deserve them.
You were there to protect
A child already scared of the world,
Not understanding what his role was,
Or what he deserved,
And you decided to poison his mind, and taint his trust.
But he is… I am… a child no more,
And despite still trying to find the remaining pieces
Of my broken existence,
I hope you can see me,
And that you understand
Your attempts to break me fully,
Did not suceed. I will always rise up.

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