Health and Weight Loss; The Little Goals

While I have not yet reached my eventual goal in terms of my health and weight loss, I am at a point where I’d really like to talk about the subject and the importance of little goals. Like I said I haven’t yet reached my eventual goal, which is in general to increase my nutritional knowledge, and to have a relatively flat stomach. That was always my goal from the day I decided to start focusing on my health and weight. But as the pursuit of greater health and weight is one fraught with anxiety, only looking at that one goal (which will inevitably change to a harder goal as you go along) can be quite destructive. Now I’ve managed to lose quite a bit of weight and gain a lot more muscle than I ever had before but it took me a while to get here because of three reasons. 1) I had no motivation 2) I thought it would take too long 3) I didn’t do any research. All of these I am 95% sure came from the fact I only wanted to reach that one goal which would take a while. Its hard work, and if you’re only looking at that one goal, and you don’t see it happening within a certain period of time, you’re gonna get impatient and then you’re gonna lose motivation. This is where the importance of little goals comes in. Take these two pictures below (Left: Before, Right: After).


Now I’m not going to pretend that I was ever huge and that my weight loss is as dramatic as others, but these two pictures really mean a lot to me. The picture on the left is me, around 3.5 years ago, and on the right is me now. Like I said it took me a little while to get to this point, and I think I could have gotten here quicker had I focused on smaller goals. I actually started going to the gym in my late first year at University, probably around a year after the first picture was taken. BUT I didn’t know much about nutrition and while my food intake wasn’t horrific, it wasn’t great either. Over the past year I’ve been trying to gym more, to go running and also to improve my diet. Over this year, the little goals as an example, I had given myself were to get more definition in my biceps, to lose part of my love handles, improve my chest strength and look into changing my diet. Because I gave myself all of these which are easier than the largest eventual goal, I have managed to succeed in all of them, not to a perfect extent but to still a happy one. Now that those smaller goals are accomplished I can stand back for a moment and realise how much of a big difference they actually made. So while I am not at the weight I want to necessarily be at, I can look at the two pictures above and feel a lot more comfortable than I ever have.

Now although all the little subsections that come with health and weight loss can be quite complex, I really do believe the solution to success is little goals, and that goes for everything. So I’m going to keep this blog post simple, and shorter than most of mine before! The last thing then I want to briefly mention is the importance, also, of finding out what you specifically need. For example, in doing my research and going through exercising and improving my diet, I’ve noticed that I seem to be more affected by my diet and intake of food compared to how much exercise I do. Knowing this means I can put more effort into making sure that although both should be equal, that I keep careful attention to where my diet is going compared to my exercise routine. Sugar, carbonated drinks and meat have been three of the main things I’ve been working on reducing, because I’ve worked out that all three make me feel heavy or increase the likelihood of me gaining weight. This isn’t quite the same for everyone, in fact it can vary heavily between person to person, body type to body type. There are three body types in the health world; The Ectomorph, The Mesomorph and The Endomorph. Knowing which one you are can be HUGELY beneficial. After enough research to burn my eyes out, I’ve worked out that I am a Mesomorph, with a few Endomorph attributes at times as well. It basically means I can store fat easier than Ectormorphs, but less than an Endomorph, that I have a naturally stocky build andshould focus on regulating my diet.Knowing your body type will help you establish where you’re best to start focusing on to become slimmer, and stronger, I’ll leave some links to websites detailing body types and exercises that go with them.

For now though, that’s all I really want to say. Little goals help you improve your health ten fold, because your motivation is constantly being sparked by improvements, and you can define what your little goals should be by doing a little simple research on your body and nutritional requirements. I’m gonna do a blog post at a later day focusing on diet so keep an eye out for that!


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