Lost in the Rush | New Poem + Discussion

Here’s my newest poem and considering its such a brief one I also wanted to briefly talk about the subject it concerns.

Lost in The Rush

I would rather sit

And admire the brief sun

As it beetles in through the gaps,

Than spend my time in the dark,

Trying to get out faster,

And losing myself further in the forest.


Okay, so I don’t normally like to explain my poems too much because I prefer people to find their own interpretations but I want to talk about this one just a little bit. Essentially it’s about being in a state of ill mentality; Depression, Anxiety, Depersonalisation etc and recognising the happy times when they’re around. One of the worst parts of mental illness is the occasional inability to see the times that should make you happy, and the times that don’t get appreciated for what they are. Sometimes while things are easier or happier, we try to use that happiness to storm through our illness, to try and combat it completely but doing that before long puts us back into a bad episode. Sometimes it’s better to just sit down and appreciate the happiness while it’s around, to feel that positive energy and remember it, recuperate, and feel better, even if it’s brief. It’s a condition and a situation that has to be taken carefully and slowly, going fast and rushing past any happiness more than often leads to losing oneself “further in the forest”


Let me know what you think!

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