RIP Christina Grimmie

So I’m not sure why I’m writing this… in fact, screw that I do know why I’m writing this, I’m writing it because it’s all I can think about, and all I want to do is talk about it, and talk about how much Grimmie’s videos had an affect on me. If you do not know already YouTube and The Voice star Christina Grimmie was fatally shot at a meet and greet after her concert in Orlando, Florida. I’m not here to write about the news aspects of this story, I just want to share my personal experience of her videos.

I wasn’t lucky enough to meet her but I was lucky enough to have watched and listened to her for as long as I did. Through my teenage years I spent a lot of my time too scared to tell my friends of the struggles I was going through, so a fair amount of the help I got was from watching YouTube videos of certain people. Christina Grimmie was one of them. She had this aura about her that just made you feel comfortable and happy watching her videos, it made you feel safe without even being near her. Her video series with her friend Sarah ‘Above All That Is Random’ included them picking phrases from her fans and making them into these ridiculous, random and equally hilarious songs… essentially they were just having fun. They were having fun while showing that if you’re happy, you can embarrass yourself, you can do whatever you want as long as it makes you happy. Everything she spoke about was about being true to yourself, about staying strong, and keeping hopeful. She taught the world that making music on YouTube was an achievable goal, she inspired a whole generation of musicians to start their careers, and to make the music they wanted to and she nevertheless remained humbled. It crushes me to know that she is no longer with us, and that I never got to meet her. It also hurts me to know she was only 22 (I’m only 21) and that her life could have been filled with even more happiness and success but that one man had to take that all away. Guns are useless, and destructive, when will we learn that?

Christina was a star, a one-of-a-kind-personality (you could see that just from her videos) and she will be missed by a huge amount of people. RIP you incredibly talented lady, condolences to all your family and friends and more than that… Thank you for helping me, without even knowing it.

Let me know what you think!

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