Relapse – A New Poem

NEW POEM. This one was made with relapsing back into Depression in mind, with a format that might work as a spoken word poem, because I wanted to experiment with that style, to see how it feels. As always let me know what you think.


Sometimes happiness comes with the fear

That the familiar darkness is all-too-near

That my confident will turn to coy

That my life will lose its joy

That everything I had fought through


Be back



When that day does come, with its heavy air

Suffocating me and stripping me bare,

It feels as if my soul is covered with tar

That a small distance seems too painfully far

That the air around me is filling with smoke

And I

Am running

Into the fire.


Sometimes it’s easier than the last

Sometimes you’re mind isn’t obsessed with the past

Sometimes  it can be harder than you’ve known

Where the pain is like you’ve broken every bone

Sometimes you’re not prepared, so just enjoy

The light


Its bright.


Let me know what you think!

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