Lost – A Poem.

Hey guys! Here’s a little bit of prose-poetry for you! As per usual I hope you can take it in your own different ways and read it the way poetry and writing should be read, with an open mind. Enjoy and let me know if you like it! 🙂


There are days when I can sit at the bottom of this well, all light, too far to reach, to see, to dream. Days when the world is too frightful to interact with, when I would rather stay, shrouded in a blinding darkness, at the bottom of this well. Where sometimes in these moments, moments of impairment and deceptive silence, many forgotten things return to my mind. The days I would wake up to a cloudless sky and walk for hours without a destination. The one-time conversation with that girl, dressed as though she was the instigator of all trends that had made me smile for the rest of the day. Many of these memories make no sense to come back, but they do and I sit in my well and ponder them. Analyse each element of them until they are no longer memories, but words and pictures from someone elses timeline.

Then there are days when I wish to leave. When I hurt myself hacking at the side of the walls. Trying to climb and falling instead. When the well begins to flood, and instead of being brought to the top, I am drowned in its strength. Times when as I flail my arms trying to save myself, repressed memories return to my mind. The days when I would wake up but feel as though I was still asleep. When I would look in the mirror and paint a picture of a face that never existed.

Sometimes my voice is not powerful enough to reach you, but if you hear my silent cries, please come find me.

– Liam Xavier


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