The Middle Ground – A Poem

You never meant to hurt me,

I’m sure,

But it seemed as if our closeness would last.

We lived and breathed our love

But you never granted me the privilege

Of believing, of knowing,

That it was anything more

Than friendship.

Maybe we weren’t in love,

But we weren’t content to be

Much less than that.

I don’t feel anger for you

I don’t even feel sadness

Instead I just


It is too tempting,

When someone offers to rid you of this


Of your hurt,

Of the empty space you are afraid of.

But please, hear me now,

You may lend me your hand and your love,

And I will give you mine,

But do not play with my heart,

As if it were a charity shop doll,

Already broken and thus too damaged

To feel pain

I still

Have further



– Liam Xavier


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