Feeling Healthy, Being Happy and Getting Back Into Reading

Inevitably as a student at any level you will find yourself less than healthy and often rather stressed or upset..
That goes for anything in life really. It’s difficult to keep up when everything feels hectic and life seems to be always against you. The past three weeks for me have been particularly stressful and pretty unhealthy. I’ve had a couple of essays to do and that alone sends me into a large mode of constant stress let alone work, online work and dissertation planning.
Unsurprisingly I ate less, drunk less water and more alcohol at parties and made the stress ten times worse. Hey, we all do it, it’s part of uni. I found myself dehydrated, tired and unreasonably stressed, but a couple of days ago I felt so ill and so dehydrated that I started getting my shit together! I started getting back into my gym routine, I allowed time to chill in between essays and now, with essays handed in I’m feeling a lot better! The weight has lifted and the heavy cloud of expectation and pressure has been disappeared momentarily until I get my grades back.

The best thing about this is I’m feeling fresh, fitter, healthier and perhaps most excitingly I can get back to reading books purely for my own entertainment. Sometimes books become a novelty or purely intellectual when you have to read and analyse one every week. Its nice to still appreciate a book, but appreciate it in a more personal way, and in a way that gives me a rest and has no time limit.

Chill. Gym. Eat healthy. Read. The recipe for a good, relatively stress free life so far I think.

Let me know what you think!

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