The Monster of Politics.

I often attempt to stay tight lipped on politics because I am not knowledgeably proficient enough in it to talk too much in depth, and to be honest it annoys me. But I am human, and I understand what, as humans, we deserve and with the state of the current political system in Britain and just in general I wanted to at least offer my own perspective. So come on, strap your seat-belt on and let’s tackle this monster of a topic that strikes so much fear into the hearts of those who would rather forget it.

It often seems bizarre to listen, read or watch the state of politics because it is a sector that baffles me and includes some of the weirdest aspects of life and human behaviour. This also fascinates me. As an aspiring actor, writer and filmmaker it is an area of our world that offers a more than valuable look into the weirder and often misunderstood areas of humanity – always a great area for inspiration.

First of all I would like to say that I always like to acknowledge that as much as I often judge the acting politicians, and will actively discuss with people what I think is wrong with the current state of affairs etc it would be unfair of me to speak as if I forget that we are still lucky to live in a democratic system. In Britain we are not run like a dictatorship, we do not live in a country that (in comparison to others) makes us frightened to leave the house and we still have people to talk to if we have problems. Even if sometimes it feels like we have a small voice, it is important to remember that we are lucky enough to have a voice. At the moment Britain is in constant uproar with part of the country supporting The Conservatives and the other part supporting Labour, both have equally at some point humiliated themselves (nevertheless I am still heavily Labour and cannot imagine being anything else). But I am not writing to speak about the positives of one and the negatives of another because there are a million and one other articles on that! I am here to write about the state of politics and how the system actually works…or at least seems to. Worryingly there are so many parallels between politics and primary school. Everybody is trying to impress someone, everybody is trying to be better than the other person, and if you get caught with your pants down you try to land someone in trouble for something bound to annoy the rest of the school .. .like stealing that lollipop you found on the floor. Except that ‘lollipop’ in British adult politics is more “YOU CAUSED PEOPLES DEATH BECAUSE YOU LET THE IMMIGRANTS IN” etc etc

Possibly the saddest part of this is that while we do have some form of voice, it is not a large one because the value of our voice, and the value of our work, our personality and our love on the country is lost in the fight for power and popularity. No-one in politics wants to be the hated bully, and at the same time no-one wants to be the kid left at the corner of the playground. With the overbearing weight of trying to be the coolest kid in parliament hanging above politicians head they become distorted and begin to spiel views and ideals that they think will interest people… often views and ideals that are not original, not their own and not likely to ever be put in place. As newspapers are one-sided most of the times,as are many TV stations we never seem to be given the non-biased perspective. Is there ever such a thing as a non-biased perspective in politics?

This was always going to be a short post, so I’ll begin to end it here…

There are parts of this life that we can control, and there are parts we cannot. There are parts we can help to improve, and parts that are irreversible. Politics is a harsh world within our world, it is one that is in a messy state, but not an irreversible state. I still believe years to come humans will understand each other more, they will have more compassion and they will know how to handle each other more, but I am not silly enough to believe that time is to come soon. That doesn’t mean we cannot do things to try and improve it. If you have a view (a genuine, non-offense, constructive view) then share it, words can change the world. More importantly if you are completely one side, look briefly on the other side and try to understand why they’re doing what they’re doing it may help you. To any aspiring politicians, look at the country now, and think about what you would do, watch our current politicians and ask yourself at every point, what you would do so if you ever find yourself in a position of power, you will know what to do, or at least be prepared and be ready.

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