Living life right.

So… I’ve been taking a little while trying to figure out what I wanted write about next, thinking of ideas and then scrapping them again, I didn’t want to write another book review yet because I haven’t finished one recently. Truth be told I’ve just been wanting to talk about this; living life right. As a kind of parenthetical to this though I want to say straight up that there is no definitive way to live life right, and at 20 I’ve still got lessons to learn. But enough mistakes have been made and enough trauma has been suffered, as well as a great mixture of happiness felt which makes me feel like I can make this post. Originally I was going to be specific and talk about dealing with Depression, something I’ve suffered from quite severely in the past, but instead for now at least, I wanted to speak more generally about life, and living it to it’s greatest potential. As much as your mind can often cloud it and distort your way of seeing things, life is beautiful, diverse and surprising so seeing it through the right eyes, and living it with the right mind can make this madness a great journey.

Find a passion. Pursue it intently. Never stop. One of the most difficult points in life is being at an age where you start to think about the future and not knowing what it is you want to do, or you find yourself not loving anything specific. Plain and simply everyone has something they love whether they realise it or not, and something they are good at. Once you find it, and you grab hold of it and refuse to let it go, no matter how much it tries to wriggle away, it is the greatest feeling. Acting and writing for me have been two of the best things in my life. I would feel deeply saddened and void in a sense if either of them were permanently taken away from me. The thrill I get from creating characters, whether on page, or in my mind manifested through facial expressions, posture, speech etc becomes an addiction of sorts. Having that passion, loving that passion so much that you will do as much as you possibly can to chase it is living in itself. If you’re ever upset, find something that you know will make you feel better, a passion, a hobby that turns into something that you want to do for the rest of your life. It’s an incredibly uplifting and gratifying feeling to be able to disappear into doing something you love. Even my job at the moment, I’m a marketing videographer which allows me to put my acting and writing into my job, and it is just the most continually exciting job to have.

Love more. It’s a simple thing but people, funnily enough, hate to do it and to some extent I get that. For example I have a real problem loving certain government officials with their certain governmental values but we’ll keep quiet on that one for now. But you have to love as much as you can. Love where you live, even if it is the grottiest place in the world, and it’s so tiny you can barely stand in it. Look around, there is always, I repeat, always something you love about that place. Show your friends and family that you love them, and that love will be returned. Love your enemies/past-friends-that-broke-your-heart/exes, love them for allowing you to learn from those situations. Love is an underrated thing, but when you feel it, it creates a domino effect in your heart and leads to a happier state.

Be opinionated. This kind of contradicts the last point under some circumstances, but being opinionated and allowing yourself the freedom to express your thoughts, beliefs and feelings is important. Stored up opinions just burn up inside of you, and turn into a strange, invisible gas that pollutes your body and makes you into a careless, pessimistic old miser. You don’t want that. Plus it makes you a stronger individual and it makes us a stronger world. Friends are created through opinions, relationships are made! But at the same time wars are created because of them, so express but be cautious.

NEVER compare. This is so so important. Comparing yourself to other people and comparing your life situations to others is so detrimental to the direction your life goes and to your well-being. Remember that you are an individual and your life is yours, as much as you have to be aware of the people around you and love them, never compare yourself to them.

Finally laugh as much and as often as you can. Comedy, whether intentionally created or something that just pops out, is such a great medicine. Laughing through so much of your life makes you such a happy human being, and what’s better than that? Life is an odd thing, and as much as people say it’s short and quick, sometimes it can be long and slow. For those moments you have to make sure that you’re doing what you can to make it the best bloody life you can ever have! Make it matter. Make your mark on the universe and make sure that you don’t live your life with no idea of who you are, no love for your fellow human being or with no passion. Take life seriously, and laugh your way through it.

Let me know what you think!

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