Identity and Following Dreams

We are living in quite an incredible time, people are becoming more personally confident, more socially engaging, and acceptance of a diverse range of people is becoming more and more common. But what does it all mean? and how do you get to that epiphanic moment where everything makes sense?

We’re all born with the ability to love, to explore and to achieve, but sometimes things get in the way, often our own misconceptions of our own self worth, but in the end everyone is capable one way or another. It’s been said a million times that people are special in their own way, and that everyone has the power to do what they want, and people can’t help but roll their eyes up at it and disbelieve it. It’s true though and sometimes people, without realising, will disregard and disbelieve such sentiments on purpose, because then they feel better about not doing what they truly love. Perhaps it has something to do with impatience. Often we all naturally want things to happen sooner than they can, when you set out to realise who you are, and to follow your own dreams it can be slow, and that gradual progression is actually better in a way, because it allows you to become accustomed with your ambitions rather than be thrown in at the deep end. At the age of 13, I found myself at a strange moment in my life; the drama that had existed before that age had begun to calm down but that left me wondering, and thinking, and wishing. From that year onward I started to meet some truly fantastic people, and people who inspired me, people who understood me or at least people who were willing to try and understand me. Yet, at that age I’d started to realise what my passions were, but my confidence was low and I was impatient, so every time I tried to follow my dreams I would struggle with the difficulty of the time it would take for things to get better. But that’s okay, and it goes for any age, people realise things, like me at 13 or they realise them in their 20s or 50s etc; either way impatience is understandable but its an obstacle. If you find you’re extremely impatient, and you begin to give up or doubt that you’ll ever achieve your dream, think about what you’ve done to achieve the end goal; small achievements, big achievements, either way they’re achievements and they’re motivators, so let them motivate you.

When it comes to identity, the truth of it is, it can take years to fully understand who you are, or who you can be as person, but you can and deserve to be the version of yourself that makes you happiest. Other than pure politeness and common sense being shown, you should never feel the need to change yourself too dramatically around other people; of course people can help shape you as a person, but if you’re being shaped into someone you’re not comfortable with then you have to realise that. Individuality is a necessity that we all owe ourselves. I am a 6ft 1, broad, yet effeminate,while at the same time heterosexual man with a rather nerdy personality and a host of ambitions; growing up I didn’t want to completely show that. Particularly my effeminate ways and my nerdiness, but there’s a point in your life where you have to understand that a lot of the time, once you’ve eliminated the judge in yourself, there isn’t much else to worry about. Particularly, in today’s society where individuality is at the centre of our beauty and that which allows us to thrive. You live with yourself so in order to have a happy life… you have to be happy with who you are, again it takes time, but it makes a world of difference, and self confidence helps to improve the chances of your dreams being achieved.

So, although today’s post has been a sentimental one, and about 200 words shorter than normal, I think it’s an important one and a relevant one. If you’re reading this, no matter who you are, or what you’re passionate about, find a way to be happy, not just with yourself, but those around you and the life you lead. Dream big and live true to yourself.

Let me know what you think!

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