YouTube and TV; The Worlds Biggest Industries?

Many industries rule the way we live, love and laugh and many of them affect us in different ways, some more consciously than others and obviously some of them stand out as more popular or more innovative than others. Today, at least on a cultural level it seems YouTube and TV are the current ‘rulers’. I’m aware that ‘The Worlds Biggest Industries’ as a title is wildly dramatic, and may not be the opinion that everyone shares, but fundamentally, I think it’s true.

So, lets start with the baby of the two; YouTube, it’s been around since 2005, in the past ten years YouTube has grown and adapted to the way our generations connect and the many phases the people of the world go through. I doubt anyone quite expected just how well it would be received, or just how important and revolutionary YouTube would be to our everyday lives. For that matter, I wonder just how many us really do understand it’s worth at the moment and in the future. Not just it’s monetary worth, but it’s cultural, and moral value. Right now, YouTube includes admittedly some of the weirdest stuff you will ever see in your entire life, but past this it’s also host to entertainers who inspire their audiences in a way that’s not necessarily better than mainstream entertainment but more personal. On top of this, there are vloggers that influence their watchers to make the most of their lives, and enjoy every moment; there are people who are there just to help those who believe they have no one else to go to. YouTube is a platform of inspiration, influence, and … funny videos. Picture the scene; a boy comes home from a difficult day at school, he goes into his bedroom, shuts the door and attempts to isolate himself. He opens up his laptop and goes to YouTube, where he finds solace in his subscriptions to singers, vloggers, comedians, enthusiasts, who not only pick his spirit up, but inspire him to find his passion, and follow it. YouTube is a platform, that comes across as so much easier than mainstream industries, and while YouTube is still incredibly difficult and competitive, it’s more accepting, more diverse, and simple to start. It’s a place where if you have a camera, and a passion, you have your start.

Now for TV, well, it’s been around for quite a bit longer than YouTube, obviously, and it’s always fairly unpredictable how people will react to it’s changing, or how it will be adapt to growing trends. Yet, here we are in 2015 and it seems that TV is safe, and may even be better than ever before. Whether it is a change of needs from audiences or not, it seems that TV programmes, particularly long running series are the future, but why? Well, it’s common knowledge that we enjoy watching something that allows us to sit back and relax from our own lives, and watch someone similar act out their own version of life. The relatable nature of these programmes means that as we become more familiar with the characters, we connect to them more, and naturally we assign people in our life to the characters on the screen, to make it even more understandable. As much as we moan and groan about how long it will be til the next season or episode will be out, we enjoy it, we prefer that delay because it makes it more like real life, it seems more realistic, we enjoy knowing that as our days are moving on, so are the characters. We have more time to properly connect to them, and so when something happens to them it’s as if a friend or a family member needs protecting, or support and it’s fascinating to see. Game of Thrones is a series (I havent watched it) that is largely based in fantasy, but there are fundamental, universal aspects of humanity in it that makes it so widely successful and loved. Not only this but TV programmes, in my opinion, have some of the best writing in the game, the characters become so developed and so humanised, that by the time the show finishes or is cancelled we feel like a real person in our life has just disappeared.

Finally, to go back to the title ‘The Worlds Biggest Industries’, you can say that there are millions of others that are far more ‘ruling’ or ‘powerful’ than YouTube and TV, and in a sense you’d be right, but when you take a step back and observe the world, the supposed ‘rulers’ aren’t who you think they are. Not in any conspiracy theory sort of way, but in the way that YouTube and TV are broadcasted to millions upon millions of people, and those people make up the world, those people influenced by what they see have the power to change the world. If these two creative industries, influence and inspire the people of the world, that’s much more powerful than any of the other industries we previously thought ruled us. One last thing about YouTube is pride; at the start people never really wanted to admit they had a YouTube channel because no-one knew if it was a cool thing, or if it would work out. Nowadays if you are successful on YouTube, or if you have taken the initiative to take that first step in a career with YouTube then you should be full of pride, and credibility, because it’s a career far more important and versatile than we could ever have predicted.

Let me know what you think!

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