My name is Liam Xavier and I’m a Film and Creative Writing student, and aspiring writer and filmmaker. Welcome to my blog; if you want to see more about who I am or view some of my work then click on the “About Me” or “Portfolio of Work” pages on the menu on the left side.

I started a blog almost two years ago now on Blogspot to document my journey through University, and to give advice as I learnt from my mistakes. Now as I only have a year left of University, and am starting to think more professionally, and more towards the future, I thought it was time my blog became more professional, more work-related, while still retaining the kind of stuff I like to write about. SO, I moved my blog from blog spot, as I wanted a little more creative freedom, and a slightly more attractive and mature design, as well hopefully bring more traffic to the site. I write about books, films, music, university and self-help. Enjoy.

Let me know what you think!

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