“So, what do you actually want to do?”

“So what do you actually want to do?” – The question a majority of students dread with an unbreakable strength and struggle to answer without listing more than one job at a time. I don’t know much about the rules behind careers in too many fields, but when it comes to the Creative Industries the general feeling is that to begin with you have to specify one role. Now, don’t get me wrong there are lots of people, some that I know that can give you a definitive specific answer to that question and sometimes I wish I could do that! But with creativity often comes indecisiveness, so a lot of people, myself including find that they are passionate about more than one area and role, so what then?

I guess to an extent that’s what University is for; it broadens your mind but also gives you a better understanding of what it is you’re best at doing. As it’s coming to the end of my second year, it’s hard not to get sentimental about … well … everything, really and on top of that is a natural, overbearing sense of trepidation. But why? You may ask, well although it is true that once established in the industry you can afford to add other credits to your name and be more than just that one role; at the start it seems best to specify as much as possible. Get to the point, you may then scream, well the point is; how much of my career will be affected by the specific role I will eventually chose?
Rhetorical though this question may be (After all you cant exactly see what I’m writing til its published) it is one that undoubtedly many will have thought about.

I’m going to attempt to answer my own question – ‘attempt’ being the important word – so where do I start? Well ultimately what I’d like to become is a Screenwriter, Director, Actor and Author (see what I mean?) Sure I’ve not exactly made it easy for myself, but I figure if you’re about to try and enter a difficult industry you may as well go for everything! And there are hundreds of people who are multifaceted in the industry; Rashida Jones, James Corden, Will Smith, Steven Chbosky, Ben Affleck, to name a few!

It’s finding that small thing that makes one role that tiniest bit more attractive to you! So you can say from the beginning “What am I? I’m an aspiring Director” or “What am I? I’m an aspiring Actor” etc etc at 20; still a student I obviously can’t be certain but I reckon that comes from as much experience as possible. I’ve helped out on the smallest of roles on 3 dissertation films in the past month and a bit, and thats gradually helped to shape my thought process more. Who said University was worthless? Technically though, this does not answer my question! But it leads into it; from what I’ve seen, what I’ve heard and in general what I believe it won’t affect it all that much. If you start a career being one thing, but want to be another, fine, just work for it. I figure if I can manage to get in the industry and be successful in one role, then screw it I can do the rest! I’d say if it’s gonna affect the career it’ll make it better when approached with the right viewpoint!.


Let me know what you think!

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